How did Christianity affect the English language ?

How did the Introduction of Christianity affect the English language? About 600 AD England was Christianized, and the conversion had far-reaching linguistic  consequences.                                                          –    Otto Jespersen … Read more

Shakespeare’s Contribution to English Language

Shakespeare’s Contribution to the English Language  A complete history of the Making of  English would therefore include the name of the Maker                                                           – A.C. Bradley          … Read more

Latin influence on English Language

Latin influence on the English Language The Latin influence on the English language is perhaps the greatest of all influences which have enriched the English vocabulary and helped to make it a varied and heterogeneous one. In fact, the impact of Latin was not only on the English language but on every sphere of vocabulary, … Read more

Scandinavian Influence on English Language

Scandinavian Influence on the English Language An Englishman cannot thrive, be ill or die without Scandinavian words; they are to the language what bread and eggs are to the daily fare.                                                 … Read more

General features of English Language

Salient features or Characteristics of English Language English is spoken and read not only in England and the United States but also in many countries of the East and West. It is now spoken as a second language throughout the world. Through historical, political, and economic factors that have much to do with this worldwide … Read more

Swami and Friends by R. K. Narayan Plot Summary

 Swami and Friends, 1935, was Narayan’s first novel, and it was at once hailed by competent critics as a great work of art. Graham Greene, for example, called it, “A book in ten thousand’, and Compton Mackenzie said, have never read any other book about India in the least like it. This is really creditable for a first attempt.  … Read more

The Vendor of Sweets, by R. K. Narayan Summary

This latest of Narayan’s novels came out in 1967. It is the story of Jagan, a sweet vendor. He is religious-minded and has been considerably influenced by The Gita. He is also a staunch follower of Gandhi and tries to live up to the Gandhian way of life. He wears khadi and spins charkha. However, he … Read more