Diamond Dust by Anita Desai Summary

diamond dust by Anita Desai

Diamond Dust” is a novel by Anita Desai published in 2000. The story takes place in the fictional town of Kasauli, India, and revolves around a family that has fallen on hard times. The novel is divided into three parts, each exploring different aspects of the Jha family’s lives and their interactions with the enigmatic … Read more

J. M. Synge’s “Riders to the Sea” Notes

Riders to the sea

Riders to the Sea- A one-act play and a Tragedy Riders to the Sea is a one-act play that is widely regarded as a tragedy. The play’s success can be attributed to its writer, John Millington Synge, who had a gift for condensing significant issues of life into a single act. Despite being limited to … Read more

Summary of the Poem, “The Company of Lovers”

Company of lovers

The poem “We meet and part now over all the world” is a powerful and poignant reflection on the fleeting nature of life and love. The speaker, who is a member of a “lost company,” describes how they come together in the night to forget their troubles and find happiness in each other’s company. Despite … Read more