Summary of the poem ‘All for Love’ written by Lord byron

Summary of the poem ‘All for Love’ written by Lord byron

The poet is not interested in name, fame, glory and honour. He does not bother about the great names in history. He believes that the days of youth are the days of glory. The period of youth the greatest glory in life. Myrtle and ivy are the symbols of glory and honour. But no honour glory is greater than youth at the age of twenty-two. All honours of the world pale into insignificance beside the glory of youth.

According to Byron, garlands and crowns give no satisfaction to the old and aged whose foreheads are covered with wrinkles of old age. Old people wearing garlands and crowns of honour are like dead and dry flowers full of dew drops in the month of May. Garlands of glory give no satisfaction to the grey heads that wear them. So the poet does not bother about the garlands of glory. They have no significance for him.


Summary of the poem 'All for Love' written by Lord byron

No doubt, the poet felt flattered and pleased by praise and fame. He liked them not for their big, bombastic and high-sounding words. He liked praise and fame for another reason. He liked them because the bright eyes of his beloved could appreciate him for that reason. Fame raised him in her eyes and she thought that he was a worthy lover. It gave her the feeling that he was not a worthless man. For this reason, he liked fame and praise.

The poet tried to win fame only for the sake of his beloved. His chief aim was to get appreciation from his beloved. what he sought, chiefly was the lady itself. He was prompted by the desire to feel that she was proud of him. Fame gave him the greatest glory when he succeeded in securing a smiling glance from her. He felt exalted and honoured when her eyes started shining on finding something glorious in the achievements of his life. He knew that it was the light of love shining in her eyes. He regarded it as the greatest honour and glory for him.

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